Hi there,

Welcome to my site! First of all I would like to direct you to my latest assets: English Fluorites, The Sainte-Marie-Aux-Mines Haul 2016, Baobab Summer 2017 collection, Pakistani Minerals 2017 and Autumn Collection 2018. As you can see I’m a passionate collector of minerals, fossils, meteorites and some more. I hope you will enjoy my site as is and maybe you will be inspired to start your own collection, like I did years ago. As you can see, with little to spend, but with the right resources you can make your own website with beautifull treasures from the Earth. Hope you like my website enough to regularly visit it and catch a glimps of my new listings!

If you have any comment on my website, whatever, please feel free to mention it. I already had some good advice how to present myself and I look forward to a great deal of onlookers who fancy the same passion as I do. Maybe it’s not your “thing” to collect minerals and artifacts, but you have to admit that it radiates beauty and age. It’s a miracle from the early stages of the creation of the universe. And it’s all available on a planet called Earth.

This website is to show you how beautiful the world of (space)rocks can be. Including some truly rare items, such as prehistoric LDG tools. I hope you enjoy the site and for further information you can always contact me, or one of the sites who are linked.


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