Millions of years old prints from creatures that no longer exist. That’s what they call a fossil. Most known fossils are trilobite’s and ammonite’s which off course are in my collection. Morocco is the trilobite place to be, with lot’s of falsifications and assembled pieces they sell for real. Even I’m not always sure what the difference is, but anyhow they mostly remain in this world known as fossils. I am a proud owner of a replica skull. It’s a female Neanderthal from Napoleon’s time, France. I haven’t given her a name yet, so If you want to win the grand price of an digital hug, name her for me. It’s an online contest for those who follow this site! Fossils are as important to science as oil is to our industry. The brutal destruction and falsifications of these wonderful things called fossils is a real terror to the loving collectors, of which I am one… »