My price meteorite was given to me by my Egyptian friend Ayman, who send a Gebel Kamil Ataxite meteorite from his private collection. Next to these iron meteorites I fancy the Pallasite Meteorite’s. They seem to have endless beauty in their olivine packed structures and some are even  translucent. The small and delicate meteorites that come from North West Africa are common, but even these meteorites have a dignity of it’s own. Meteorites are my latest passion and I am careful in the purchase of these little critters, they are quite expensive if you howl them in by the zillions. Ever thought of buying  a meteorite? Check out E-bay. A great collection of meteorites are for sale there, for every price and range. Most rare meteorites will cost you lot’s of money and I’m sure you will be disappointed with the purchase of your first meteorite, for it will be smaller then you thought. As soon as you realize the uniqueness of meteorites, you will begin to understand that the first meteorite you bought, actually was quite a good deal. Once more, enjoy your passion if you share it with me. Meteorites are great collector items, which are also a good investment! »