In this category of the first kind you will find primarily zeolites from India, although the mixture of minerals is from around the world. Most Zeolites come from the Deccan traps and Poona, from where they are shipped in vast quantities throughout the world. The most recognizable are Apophylite, Stilbite, Cavansite and Chalcedony. I must admit I like zeolites. They are cheap, in most cases and they radiate a beauty that can only be found in India. In the near future you will find more and more minerals on my mineral page, because  my collection is still shifting from left to right and it will become a more complete picture of minerals found throughout the entire world. Yet you will not soon see minerals that will cost me a fortune. I’m a hobbyist with great passion for minerals and other (space)rocks, but with little money. Enjoy and  take a peek inside my mineral collection, that could just as well be yours. »