Neolithic Tools

Neolithic tools are as hard to find as Paleolithic tools. Not very difficult in my lucky opinion. Or I must be one of those fortunate people with the eyes in the right place. In the end of May 2012 I went to Normandy in France to look for fossils. Oh I found them, but my heart missed a pace when my first flint knife turn up around the corner of one big rock. I had to pee and I almost turned my first Neolithic tool into a toilet. Somehow I missed and I did recognize the artefact for what it was. Now they say it’s hard to find them in the coastal regions of France, but my lucky eye caught the attention of Neolithic tools, rather than fossils. I also enjoyed
proofing the sceptics wrong. They were there, if you looked well. Some little words and I close this monologue for now. All tools were found in France and even though some look suspicious, I’m quite sure it’s the real thing! Enjoy these Neolithic tools, I’m going to look for the last ones: The Mesolithic! »