Paleolithic Tools

This is an entire world of it’s own. Like Meteorite’s and Libyan Desert Glass, you need to look carefully in the earth’s hiding places. It’s a rarity that can be found abundantly in some region’s on this planet. My Paleolithic Artifacts come from the Great Sand Sea and are well prepared by erosion. No longer do the artifacts have a sharp edge, which I welcome. It’s even more marvelous to find a Paleolithic Tool made from Libyan Desert Glass. Imagine a combination of these two rarities and some emotional value and it becomes a priceless item for the average collector. I am seriously spellbound by my Paleolithic Artifacts and hope to complete my collection next time I’m somewhere in a deeply hidden place on planet earth, in a desert that gives away his (or her) secrets sparsely. Enjoy my friend and maybe fortune smiles upon you if you ever hit the dry places of Africa. »